about When Summer Ends:

“an uplifting array of dreamlike soundscapes”

    Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

about Music from the Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach:

“an enjoyable listening experience”

    Raymond Tuttle, Fanfare

“It’s a good sound...folksy and friendly, easy going.”

    John Dimick,


“a refreshing new take on these familiar pieces”

    Chamber Musician Today

about Remembered States:

“sophisticated and satisfyingly passionate”

    Chamber Musician Today

“akin to a hurried, whispered conversation, drawing you in to hear its secrets”

    Meg’s New Music Blog


    The Smaller City

about “Apologies” from Matthew Hough and In Hyun Kim’s Music=quals:

“a mixture of dark humor and gravitas”


about my arrangements of “Kerry Dance” and “In the Bright Mohawk Valley” from Rachel Payne and Reiko Füting’s Twisted Folk:


    Phillip Scott, Fanfare

“[Hough’s] interventions create a sort of beauteous decay.”

    Raymond Tuttle, Fanfare

about “Woodworking” from Zs’ Arms, reissued on Zs’ Score:

“‘Woodworking’ welcomes disjointed melodies that beautifully stumble into one another.”

    Chuck Bettis, Downtown Music Gallery

“a quirky, fun, abstract sort of piece”

    Andrew Durkin, Jazz: The Music of Unemployment

“It’s mood music–if you’re in a mental home.”

    Howard Stern, The Howard Stern Show

“a bunch of random noises and general fucking around”

    Lucas Salg, Transform

“jazz abstruse”

    Stefano Pifferi, Sentireascoltare

about “The First Thing You Need To Do” from Seductive Sprigs’ self-titled release:

“white-knuckle intensity through compositional brilliance...unnervingly exacting”

    Hank Shteamer, Time Out: New York

“awful, but also kind of brilliant”

    Richard Danielpour, composer

“an intricately woven web of restless music”

    WYNC’s Spinning On Air

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